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Ultra Thin Swiss Lace

Our units also feature a fully customized hairline on an ultra thin transparent base Known as our High Definiton (HD Lace). We offer an ultra thin almost invisible option as well as slightly thicker more durable option, both guaranteed to blend effortlessly with your skin and provide unclockable results.

In a painstakingly detailed and intensive process our hair is hand tied unto the lace base into very fine knots consisting of a single or sometimes two strands of hair. The size of the knots allow for an ultra-realistic hairline and scalp-like effect.

Salon Quality Products

Professionally Crafted

Our units are made using only the highest quality products and with the most precise attention to detail. We take great pride in our work and only employ those techniques used in high-end salons to color, cut, and style our units. We only use professional product lines designed to protect and maintain the integrity of the hair as it is styled, colored, and customized into your dream unit.

Ultra Premium

High Quality Hair

After rigorous and extensive testing we have curated an offering of some of the highest quality unprocessed human hair available today.

Each bundle of our hair is carefully and ethically collected from a single donor through a rigorous process of selection that ensures only the healthiest, highest quality hair makes it into our lace-top units and hair extensions.

Our closures, frontals and all other lace products are created using ultra-thin high quality lace from Sweden. The hair is then hand tied in a precise and meticulous process by some of the most experienced craftsmen in the industry. 



Cap Construction refers to the wig cap the materials that is made of and most importantly the amount of lace the unit made of.

The lace portion of our wigs is made from our proprietary HD Lace and is the part of your wig that replicates your hairline and parting space and makes the unit look like it’s growing from your scalp. HD Lace is very thin and translucent and blends in with virtually any skin tone, for the most realistic look possible. Because this lace is so thin one has to be extra careful when washing and handling it.

We offer a wide variety of cap types to suit every individual's unique needs. All of our wigs are easy to wear and can be worn with glue or completely glueless. Different cap construction offers varying degrees of ease of use vs versatility. In order of least lace to most, and easiest to apply to most versatile to style, we offer a 5x5" closure, a 5.5x11" & 13x6" Glueless Lace frontal, as well as Traditional & Glueless Full Lace options.

A Closure is usually a square section of lace in the crown of the wig. Your unit can be parted anywhere along this lace. The lace portion of the wig will span temple to temple. The rest of the unit is wefted. With a closure unit you can cover your entire hairline or leave out a little of your own natural hairline if you prefer. It requires zero experience to apply it and achieve a seamless natural look,

In a frontal the lace section on the unit spans from one ear to the next, mimicing a natural hairline with a wefted back. This allows you to do a deep side part or have all of the hair pulled up away from your face in an updo or ponytail. Frontals typically may be a bit more high maintenance and require a more nuanced application. Our Frontals however, are very easy to apply and can be worn glueless.

Our New 5.5X11" option is a hybrid between a 13x6" frontal and a closure, it is more structured, has built in ear tabs and is lined with silicone, all of which prevents lifting around the ear and allows your wig to be worn glueless while still having the illusion of a natural hairline.

We also offer traditional and Glueless Full Lace wigs. As the name suggests these units are made entirely of lace there are no wefts on the unit, all the hair is tied by hand to the caps, allowing you to part your unit anywhere, and style it in any way you chose(deep side part, high ponytail, braids, etc). These are the most natural looking and versatile options, however because the hair is all hand tied it is it is the most delicate of all the cap types and the most expensive.

All of our glueless wigs can be worn daily and applied seamlessly and effortlessly without needing glue or sprays to hold them down. You can literally just put it on and go.

Returns & Cancellations

Our units are custom made, sourcing begins once you place an order, hundreds of dollars in raw materials and products are immediately set aside for your order and processing begins.

You can cancel your order within 48 hours of purchasing, after that cancellations are subject to our discretion (basically what stage of production your unit is in) and may incur a fee.

We do not accept returns unless there is some extenuating circumstance that is our fault, for example if you purchased a blonde unit and we sent black. 

Any issues with your order must be reported within 72 hours of receipt per the carrier website. Once we are notified we will determine if your order is eligible for a return.

Returns are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Returns Must be sent in unaltered, unworn, and in their original packaging, to qualify for a Refund. 

In all other instances we will do everything we can to rectify any issues you have. For example if it is an instance where you want to adjust the color or fit of your unit we will do everything in our power to accommodate any reasonable requests.